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The Performers Podcast

Apr 25, 2019

David Stones is a poet based in Stratford Ontario. His poems have been published internationally and won awards.

Recently he’s been performing a stage adaptation of his book poems titled “Infinite Sequels.” On stage Stones is accompanied by a violinist which ads an imaginative aspect to his words.

The London Free Press’ Joe Belanger noted that “‘Infinite Sequels’ is a brilliant, beautiful piece of theatre. Stone recites his poignant poetry with mostly subtle gesture, movement and animated face, asking us to face moments and questions about our lives we may not have even recognized.”

In our conversation Stones admits his love of poetry goes back to his youth confessing that it was only later in life after his career and kids were no longer a pressing concern that he found the freedom to truly hone his work and share it publically.

He talks about his creative process, his inspiration Dylan Thomas and Leonard Cohen to name a few, and the intersection of poetry and social media.

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