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The Performers Podcast

Jul 27, 2019

Keith Dinicol is a Canadian actor currently appearing in Drayton Entertainment’s stellar production of “Twelve Angry Men.” As Keith mentions in our podcast director Marti Maraden has assembled a cast of top actors including Neil Barclay, Skye Brandon, Benedict Campbell and Cyrus Lane just to name a few.

As an actor with decades as a company member with the largest repertory company in North America, The Stratford Festival, Keith has worked on everything from Shakespeare to Strindberg and Stoppard.

Dinicol traces his roots back to the early days of the Stratford Festival, where other than Tyrone Guthrie he's worked with every artistic director, either as an actor or director.

He also shares memories of working with his father-in-law John Neville at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre and Stratford.