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The Performers Podcast

Feb 24, 2018

Chris Boyce is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Pacific Content, who produce podcasts for big brands including Shopify’s “TGIM” and Slack’s the “Slack Variety Pack” which Fast Company described as “‘This American Life,’ meets ‘The Office,’ meets ‘Monty Python.'”

I spoke with Chris at Podcamp Toronto, in 2016.

Chris' background includes his term as Executive Director, Radio/Audio, and Director of Program Development for CBC Radio, overseeing the development and launch of the broadcaster’s new generation of programming including "Q," "Under the Influence," "The Debaters," and "Spark."

In our podcast, Chris discusses the value of figuring out "what is the story I'm trying to tell" before you begin your interview.

The value of eliciting emotions and drama from your guests because the host or narrator can provide the fact.

We play a podcast clip that demonstrate how to create the audio illusion you are recording on location with your guest when you are actually recording from your office on Skype or Zencaster.

Chris provides information for freelance podcast producers hoping to work with Pacific Content.

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