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The Performers Podcast

Sep 16, 2018

Charlotte Gowdy is a graduate of the National Theatre School in Montreal and Ecole Philipe Gaulier in Paris. As an actor, she’s played lead roles at the Shaw Festival and theatres across Canada.

These days she’s making a career transition as she follows her heart’s desire to direct!

As well as a career transition, Charlotte has gone through some personal transformations including quitting alcohol and becoming a vegan.

This episode is packed with great tips for actors and directors. Charlotte shares what she's learned working with the critically acclaimed artistic directors Chris Abraham, Tim Carroll and Jillian Keiley.

Charlotte, who is also a competitive athlete, shares some of the secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working under the precarious conditions of freelance life.

She also discusses her work directing Anna Chatterton's "Within the Glass" with Troubadour Theatre Collective.


Books Mentioned:

Healthier Leaner Energetic You by Leslie Beck.

Smoothie Nutrition by Victoria Boutenko.

Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition by Julieanna Hever and Raymond J. Cronise.


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