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The Performers Podcast

Nov 22, 2017

Emm Gryner has found the sweet spot between being an independent artist and raising a family.

In her early 20s Gryner had a hit song on the radio, toured with David Bowie and then transitioned to a successful career as an independent artist.

Her songwriting has been praised by the likes of Bono and we discuss how a songwriting contest led to her radio hit. We discuss the difference between writing a hit for radio and writing to explore her own feelings.

Gryner was also the driving force behind the recording of Bowie's "Space Oddity," by Chris Hadfield, in outer space while he was the commander of the International Space Station. 

As well as touring to support her own work Gryner is also the founder of the popular folk act "Trent Severn."

Watch for Gryner's upcoming project "Only of Earth," an 80's synth-pop and 70's classic rock-infused album.

Show Notes.

Emm Gryner's website

Video:  Emm Gryner and Joe Sumner celebrate David Bowie at Terminal 5 in New York